2020 Rehearsal Schedule

Revelation Strings 

Dear Revelation Strings,


A small group of us had a wonderful time at the Meadowfield School “Christmas by Candlelight” on Monday. Every class from the school was featured in a musical offering alongside  an acted Scrooge and Christmas Carol. Remarkable performance opportunities for the students, and a shining example of the  terrific work that goes on in in our Special Schools!


Brave New World - Friday February 14th 10:30 – 2pm


Our first event in the new year is a celebratory Festival of 17 Special Schools who will all gather at the Colyer Fergusson Hall at The University of Kent to perform a new piece called “Brave New World”. The brainchild of Matthew Sharp, the piece allows groups of schools to work on one of the four sections. They all sing at the Beginning and the Finale.


KsENT, a Trust of 23 schools invited The Big Reveal to produce the piece and it is sponsored by the Kent Community Foundation’s Overstone Fund and  Rooney Foundation.


We rehearse with the schools between 10:30 and 12:30 and perform Brave New World (with Matthew as Cello soloist) at 1:30pm – 2pm. The students will then have time to return to their own Schools in time for the complex travel arrangements to get them home. We realise that a Friday being a school/work day creates obstacles for some, but it is the only way to give these young people the opportunity that they richly deserve. Nothing like this has been attempted in Kent before and we are privileged to be entrusted with producing it!


Rehearsals for Brave New World - 19th Jan, 26th Jan, 9th Feb, Staple Village Hall 2:30 – 5pm. (Everyone invited to the rehearsals.)


The Annual Rosemary Dunn Concert, Sunday June 7th 3:30pm -5:30 pm Dover Town Hall (morning rehearsal 11:30 – 1pm)


We have decided to hold the Rosemary Dunn  Concert later in the Summer but combine it with features of the Mayor’s Concert (which will not take place this year). Some of you may well have grown up with the children’s book by the then Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne called  "Willy the Wimp". Jane Browne has composed the music for a Concert version which was performed at the Canterbury Festival in 2019 and we hope to perform it on June 7th.



Thanet Concert May 3rd or May 10th 3:30 – 5:30pm ( to be confirmed)


With extra funding we have just received, we are in the planning stages for this extra Concert for the people of Thanet, as we have ventured far away for our recent events! The programme will be similar to the Annual Rosemary Dunn Concert.


Rehearsals for the Thanet and Rosemary Dunn Concert rehearsals - March 22nd, 19th April ,26th April, Staple Village Hall 2:30 – 5pm.


All of you have a wonderful Christmas!


Very best wishes for the New Year!

 David Burridge Education Director- The Big Reveal

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