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Directed by David Burridge and Matthew Sharp, The Revelation Strings are made up of grade 6+ students, teachers, keen amateurs and some of the United Kingdom's leading professional musicians. Together they deliver outstanding performances of truly exceptional quality. Their repertoire features everything from classical favourites through to modern works from the stage and screen. 


1st Violins
Fran Trewartha, Heather Nunn, Isabel Royston, Fiona Worledge, Thomas Winrow-Campbell and Rebecca Maisey.

2nd Violins
Jan Evans, Jocelyn Emptage, Anna Worledge, Rachael Bouden, Sophie Davies, Rebecca Pearce and Maddie Cordes. 

Bill Robinson, Sarah Smith, Alana Griffiths Ennew and Nikki Silman.

Matthew Sharp, Caroline Humphries, Irene Pickering, Charlotte Rendell, Marshall Baxter and Liam Cook. 

Double Basses
Ann Tingey, Andy Wall and Jasmine Wright.

Guest Leaders
Floriane Peycelon, Iva Fleischhansova and Alexandra Caldon


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The Revelation Strings 

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