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The Rosemary Dunn Memorial Concert

It is no underestimation to say that Rosemary Dunn had a profoundly positive effect upon everyone who came into contact with her. In her obituary, written and published in The Guardian by one of her former students, Anstey Spraggan, it is noted that "Ro", as she was affectionately known, "was a lifelong champion of the awkward and the underdog". Anstey recalls how, having had only two lessons, she asked if she could join the school orchestra at Dover Girls Grammar School where Ro was, at that time, Head of Music. Rather that turn the then 11-year old Anstey away, Ro wrote an open strings part for her so that she could join in. 


Ro's whole life revolved around music and her over-riding desire was to make music education and performance as inclusive as possible, a concept that absolutely underpins the ethos of The Big Reveal, for whom she was a driving force and active fundraiser.

Following Ro's death in 2016, it was decided that an annual memorial concert would be held in her honour as a celebration of her life. The first of these concerts went on to be held in front of a sold out auditorium at Dover Town Hall on the 18th March 2017.

As part of this celebration, an award named in Ro's memory was created. Each year, at the memorial concert, the "Rosemary Dunn Revellers Award" will be presented to a member of The Revellers Orchestra who, in the opinion of the Directors, has shown a real commitment, enthusiasm and dedication to their music making. 

To read Rosemary's full obituary please click on the link at the bottom of this page.

Rosemary Dunn Revellers Award Winners
2019: Samuel Comlay
2021: Thomas Winrow Campbell
2018: Alana Griffiths Ennew
2017: Liam Cook

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